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Economic Development

WEDI’s Economic Development program provides multi-faceted support to aspiring and early-career entrepreneurs, helping them gain access to capital and resources, address challenges, and incubate concepts. ED offers two programs available to underserved residents of all races, ethnicities, and genders: Microloans (modest loans to entrepreneurs) and its business incubators and community gathering spaces, the West Side Bazaar and the Downtown Bazaar.

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Many aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs, particularly those from communities of color, lack access to the resources and capital they need to launch, sustain, and grow small businesses. WEDI addresses these disparities by helping entrepreneurs access resources that teach them how to run a small business, become credit-ready, secure capital, and incubating retail concepts. WEDI's staff and volunteer professional mentors provide ongoing coaching and support to clients. This immersive approach to programming and services was designed to address the community’s unique needs, particularly those of refugees/immigrants and of entrepreneurs lacking traditional financial education/literacy.

Borrowing money or opening a business in any of WEDI's Bazaars is a careful process, and many people utilize the trusted services from the many local and regional resource partners who provide guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

To learn more about incubating a business at the West Side Bazaar and get on our waiting list, please fill out this form.  A WEDI staff member will contact you to schedule an introductory call.

Support WEDI businesses throughout Western New York and Beyond!

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