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June 14th, 2021

Learn how to Sell Better to Grow Your Business    12:00 pm

Sales – you don’t have a business without it! This workshop will help small business owners to define their market, develop their marketing and sales messages, prospect for qualified customers, and develop a system to reach your sales goals. Business owners are the sales drivers of their companies – learn how to sell better to grow your business. Hosted by SCORE Boston.

How to Start a Business - Develop a Plan    1:00 pm

SCORE Pasco-Hernando will review the idea, test the idea and how to protect the idea. You will learn the key issues for starting a business: finding good people, structuring the business, understanding cash flow, finding the money, and creating a business plan.  This is Zoom Webinar. Please join the meeting  5 minutes early.    

Choosing the Legal Structure for Your Business    6:30 pm

SCORE Buffalo Niagara overviews the legal structure for starting a business. Usually, you'll choose either a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation. There's no right or wrong choice that fits everyone. Your job is to understand how each legal structure works and then pick the one that best meets your needs and perceived level of risk. The best choice isn't always obvious.  Join this free webinar where the Managing Attorney of the Western New York Law Center’s Small Business Legal Clinic (SBLC) will address the various forms of legal structure and the advantages/disadvantages for a small business owner.

June 15th, 2021

How to Navigate the SBA to Obtain Financing    11:30 am

The Small Business Administration offers potential borrowers direction in finding a lender, and guidance on what their responsibilities may be. Potential borrowers will learn which SBA Lenders right for you, what are Micro Lenders, and what do they offer,  what’s the difference between 7a and 504 loans, and more.

Citizens Small Business Roundtable - Restoring Your Business after the pandemic    11:30 am

As we begin to emerge out of the pandemic, Citizens Banks co-creates a conversation around restoring small businesses; strategic planning during turbulent times; and how small businesses can pivot in this environment

How to Choose the E-commerce Platform That's Right for You    12:00 pm

Your brand needs a strong digital presence to sell your digital or physical product. This live webinar is geared towards businesses who are new to e-commerce or ready to take their online store to the next level. Sponsored by Anca Gooje Web Development. 

How to Write a Business Plan    12:00 pm

A business plan is very specific to each business. However, while each business needs a unique plan, the basic elements are the same in all business plans. To complete an effective business plan, you must dedicate time to complete the plan.

Understanding Credit for Your Financial Health   6:00 pm

During this 60-minute presentation Consumer Credit Counseling Service will review ways to improve your credit and keep your credit in good standing. Also, prevent criminals from dipping in to your wallet by learning about the latest scams.

June 16th, 2021

You Only Sell Your Business Once - Understand the Process; Know Your Options    9:00 am

SUNY Canton Small Business Development Center (SBDC) with partners at the Cooperative Development Institute, Ward Lumber CEO, and North Country Center for Businesses in Transitions advise on business exists. Too many business owners don’t have a realistic plan for how to exit their business, earn a decent retirement income, and preserve the legacy they’ve built and the jobs they’ve created. They don’t understand their options and don’t have time to figure it out on their own.

Spotlight on Small Businesses during the Pandemic    11:30 am

Join Small Business Administration Buffalo District Office and Economist Lisa Boily of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for an overview of the Small Business data through the pandemic.  The webinar will cover total employment and payroll fluctuations, job openings and labor turnover, gross job gains and losses, employer costs per hour worked, and an overview of how small businesses responded during the pandemic from the Business Response Survey.

Virtual Panel of Experts: Diversity & Inclusion    1:00 pm

Embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace indicates that companies must recommit their organizational goals towards education, dialogue, and relationship building.

Join a Panel of Experts as they open the conversation to the public to converse, educate, and learn about companies responsibilities, and conversation nuances.

Support for your business    12:00-2:00 pm

Has your business been affected by COVID-19? Need some working capital to help recover? Or do you need financing to grow your business? Sign up for a personalized support session with Pursuit team members Sherri and Jonathon to receive guidance on your business journey.

June 17th, 2021

Lunch and Learn: Pre-Finance 101    12:00 pm

In this Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center (SBDC) workshop, participants will learn basic finance in each of the following areas:  budgeting and creating cash flow.

Mastering Leadership Skills    12:00 pm

Join the Chamber of Commerce CO—  Roadmap for Rebuilding, focused on leadership and team management. This week's discussion will help you learn how to best manage your employees and build cohesive teams. We'll also dive into different ways small business owners can delegate and communicate to lead effective teams, even in times of change. Host Jeanette Mulvey, Editor-in-Chief at CO—, will lead the session, combining expert advice with personal insight from small business owners, like you.  

Connect with Customers and Manage Your Business Remotely    2:00 pm

Discover Google Workspace tools that can help you work and manage your small business remotely. Sponsored by Grow with Google. Presenter: Cheri Bales, Owner of Hannah/Gold Communications and SCORE Mentor

21st Century Customer Service    5:30 pm

The class looks at all the stages of Customer Service and helps you build a solution that will work for your organization. It concludes with an inside look at how top quality customer service  insights within the fast food company Chick fil A.

Building Your Financial Plan    6:00 pm

For people who have limited knowledge or understanding of basic accounting and finance. This seminar is intended to explain the methods and need for financial tracking, control and generating the financial projections necessary to develop your plan such as: cash flow, income statement, break evens and balance sheet.

Fundamentals of Marketing    7:00 pm

Marketing your product or service can make the difference as to whether or not your business succeeds. Learn about creating and implementing your marketing plan, identifying your target market, and turning prospective customers into sales.

June 18th, 2021

Successful Business Owners Share How to Re-start Your Business Post-COVID    2:00 pm

Challenged by 2020 and its changing business landscape? Ready to be inspired by success stories of small businesses that thrived during that time? SCORE NYC presents with a panel of business owners who successfully pivoted during the pandemic.

June 19th, 2021

Typical vs Smart Client Management    10:00 am

Most small businesses, as they're trying to grow, spend a lot of their energy on leads. And what they don't realize is there is a much more effective way to get far more clients without spending their energy and their effort on trying to get more leads. We're going to talk about that today. We have to do that by starting talking about typical client management.

June 30th, 2021

Demystify Successful E-Commerce    4:00 pm

WEDI of Buffalo hosts Reasons for success: Why e-commerce? How do I choose the best brand name? How do I expand my existing business to be a successful e-commerce business? What makes me unique and how do I make my business stand out from the rest? How much will this cost? What do I need to know before I even begin? Is it worth starting an e-commerce business?